Getting it just *so*

Hi everyone,

I come from an Acorn RiscOS, and have managed to get the Sawfish/ROX
combination working pretty well, incorperating the best features of the
Acorn Desktop and filer, although with some differences/enhancements.


I would really like one piece of functionality if it is at all possible.
That is, to be able to reverse scroll if you click on the scroll arrows with
the right mouse button instead of the left. This way you can scroll up or
down, line at a time, without moving the mouse at all just by changing which
button you click on. This would be much better than using a scroll-wheel -
especially if you don't have a wheel mouse!

Any suggestions anyone?

Some things I've implemented using the easy to reach features:

Only left click in a window *body* will gain input focus.

Right click on title bar moves window to back.
Right drag on title bar pushes to back while you move window.
Middle drag on title bar leaves window at its current level while dragging
Left double click on title bar iconises window.

The only buttons I have on the title bar are the resize and close icons at
opposite ends. Nice and uncluttered and no chance of mistakes.

One other thing I would like, but I doubt is possible, is for a left click
on the close icon to close the window, but re-open the 'source' window.

Terry Blunt

The answer is correct... You got the question wrong.

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