Re: Getting it just *so*

Terry Blunt <terry langri demon co uk> writes:

> I would really like one piece of functionality if it is at all possible.
> That is, to be able to reverse scroll if you click on the scroll arrows with
> the right mouse button instead of the left. This way you can scroll up or
> down, line at a time, without moving the mouse at all just by changing which
> button you click on. This would be much better than using a scroll-wheel -
> especially if you don't have a wheel mouse!
> Any suggestions anyone?

This is outside of the domain of window managers.  The Xt scrollbars
(see the program xterm, for instance) behave in a way similar to what
you want.  The Xt scrollbars are the ugliest I've seen, but also the
ones with the best functionality.

For the Xt scrollbars, left-clicking scrolls down and right-clicking
scrolls up.  It matters where in the scrollbar you click: clicking
near the top scrolls a little bit, clicking in the middle scrolls by
half a screenful, and clicking near the bottom scrolls by a screenful.

I wonder if Gnome, being themeable and all that, can be made to behave
in similar ways, or perhaps as you describe.


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