Re: Request for comment on sawfish tutorial

On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 01:08:11AM -0700, Eric Mangold wrote:
> Hello!
> I've written a tutorial involving sawfish and I want people to tell me 
> what sucks about it :)
> Also, I'm curious if this is something that should be linked from the 
> sawfish documentation or from the project homepage.
> See Issue #1 at
> series.html

I've just got around to reading this.  Seeing your and, I thought you might be interested in my Sawfish-only
solution.  It will take the primary solution, if there is one, or prompt you
for a search term otherwise, and then send that to your browser in one of a
number of ways, depending upon the mode (i.e. the shortcut key that you used).
For example, M-s will send it to Google, M-d to, M-w to
Multimap (very useful for British Postcodes) etc.  It will even select the
right page in your Javadocs, given a reasonably well qualified class or
package name, or search Google for the lyrics of the song that you are
currently listening to!  If the search term is a URL then it will visit that
URL directly instead.  It also has a bit of magic to decide whether what
you've highlighted is actually a URL with some extraneous stuff; this is
useful when visiting URLs sent to you in an email -- casually select the whole
line, not worrying about whether you've picked up some garbage along the way,
slap M-s, and it will figure out what you meant.

You can decide whether you want to focus the browser window straight away, or
to stay where you are, and you can have the new page appear either in the
foreground or the background when you have the browser already focussed.  I
like to be able to read an article and fire off 3 or 4 dictionary or Google
searches with one half of my brain whilst the other half reads the rest of the



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