frame styles

Hello all!

I just switched from my favorite window manager (SCWM) to Sawfish as
development of SCWM has almost stopped and support for the current
versions of Guile, etc. is not available.

One thing I liked about SCWM was the ability to redefine certain
aspects of the current style for a set of windows. For example: I
could use a red background for the title bar of root shell windows,
make certain applications sticky, force others to keep in background,
have application windows without a title bar and a different border
width. All this can be done without changing my favorite theme or
define a new (set) of theme(s).

Now, can I do the same with Sawfish? I can determine the name of the
frame style for a given window, but how can I access attributes of the
style on a per window basis?

Can anybody help me?


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