Re: [sawfish] frame styles

Hi Michael,

I think you can set many of your wishes in Matched Windows
tab of sawfish-ui.



On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Hello all!
> I just switched from my favorite window manager (SCWM) to Sawfish as
> development of SCWM has almost stopped and support for the current
> versions of Guile, etc. is not available.
> One thing I liked about SCWM was the ability to redefine certain
> aspects of the current style for a set of windows. For example: I
> could use a red background for the title bar of root shell windows,
> make certain applications sticky, force others to keep in background,
> have application windows without a title bar and a different border
> width. All this can be done without changing my favorite theme or
> define a new (set) of theme(s).
> Now, can I do the same with Sawfish? I can determine the name of the
> frame style for a given window, but how can I access attributes of the
> style on a per window basis?
> Can anybody help me?
> Thanks,
> Michael.

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