Re: Feature request - focus last windows on the desktop

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Stefan Nicolin wrote:

> Hi,
> the subject says it all. It is quite annoying when using sawfish 1.3 with gnome 2 - even if I close all windows on the desktop the last one does not have the focus. I have to use ALT + TAB to switch the window.
> Maybe, with the desired feature the "use the wheel to change workspaces" think will also work - If there is no window on the desktop let nautilus get the focus (or whoever draws the desktop).
> What do you think?

Agreed, though it may be an oversight on my part.  I don't use sawfish
with any desktop, though I have the same annoying problem when
deiconifying windows from the "icons" extension by Merlin.  A solution
might already exist, though I am not certain.


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