Re: window decoration problem with sawfish and GNOME 2

On Oct 28, 2003, at 1:57 PM, David Mosberger wrote:
Clearly, there seems to be an issue with communication between
gnome-panel and sawfish.  However, if I use metacity, there is no
problem, so I don't think the problem is necessarily with gnome-panel
itself.  Also, with sawfish the decoration bug happens no matter what
theme I'm using, so it doesn't look like a theme-related bug.

I'm not sure how the panel would be able to affect this directly, possibly by setting properties on the window, but that shouldn't change the window frame layout!

It looks like the x,y positions of some of the pieces of the frame are being set to 0,0. The best way to debug this would be to make a copy of the theme.jl file and remove pieces of the frame until you just have one badly positioned piece left. Then run sawfish under gdb and set a breakpoint on the build_frame_part function -- it's that function that initializes the position of each piece of the window frame -- and open a new window

I'd be interested in knowing if this issue shows on x86 or on 64-bit
platforms other than ia64.

I haven't heard of this before,


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