Re: Tabbed windows in window manager?

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 14:03:28 +1100
Scott Smedley <ss aao gov au> wrote:

> : I was wondering if anyone could give me
> : some insight to makes tabs better integrated into the wm.
> A generic tabbing module has already been implemented for the FVWM window
> manager. You might find it a handy reference:
> SCoTT. :)

Thanks, I've used that before, as I'm also quite a big fan of the FVWM window manager.  My main gripe about [the tabs module] is that it is based on tk, which in my view is quite ugly.  Another caveat is that fvwm is a substantially different design than sawfish. (though I like it equally in a different way ;) )  Aside from language differences, the designs of the two window managers are substantially different.

If I ever get around to adding this sawlet to sawfish, (given I have the skill to code this, which I am presently unsure of) I would definitely take fvwm-tabs or fvwm-partition into consideration.  I would also consider Daniel's suggestions from an earlier response.   That said, if I ever get around to coding this, I'm going to go crazy adding lots of powerful window management features, like the merges system in waimea, or even the constraints system in scwm.

The bottom line is that I don't know lisp well yet, though the lisp code in the sawifsh code (or in most scheme and common lisp applications for that matter) is beautiful and readable, which makes me come back to it time and time again.  ;)

Sorry if I'm getting of topic here...


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