Re: sawfish 1.3 and xawdecode

On 24 Oct 2003, Christian Marillat wrote:

> > There are no such entries. And it can't be a sawfish-only problem
> > because it also happens in metacity. It looks like sawfish isn't able to
> > change the screen resolution. Are there any special requirements for
> > that? My XFree is rather old (3.3.6), could it be related to that?
> sawfish isn't responsible to change your screen resolution and this
> feature is surely related to your old Xfree version.

Unfortunately XFree is the only major part of my 3.5 years old
installation that has not yet been replaced by a more recent self-
compiled version -- and I don't dare doing so.
Well, at least I found a workaround for my problem: I removed the line
about _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN from supported-atoms in
lisp/sawfish/wm/state/wm-spec.jl. Now xawdecode does the mode-switching
part by itself just like it always used to do.


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