Re: sawfish 1.3 and xawdecode

Ingo van Lil <inguin gmx de> writes:

> Hi there,


> after upgrading to Gnome 2.4 and sawfish 1.3 I've got a little problem:
> The fullscreen mode in xawdecode or xawtv is no longer working
> correctly. In older versions of sawfish (or any other window manager) it
> moves the television window to the upper left corner and changes the
> resolution to 768x567. In sawfish 1.3 it says "wmhooks: netwm fullscreen
> supported" during startup and the window is centered and surrounded by a
> black border. Same effect with metacity 2.6.1. Is that a bug in one of
> the concerned programs or in my configuration?

In your configuration this work here with xawdecode. Try to remove or
better edit (and remove entries related to Xawdecode) your


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