lisp newbie help (semi long)

I have googled, till my eyes are googly.  I am experimenting with
sawfish-client and am hoping to write some code to manage some windows
on a computer with no key board or mouse.

I have some stuff in bash using a cludge of xwininfo -tree -root and awk
but I would like to extend the functionality of my program and would
like to get a grip on lisp and sawfish interaction.

I have learned quite a bit over the last day or so but still can't get
the simplest thing to loop.  I think the main thing is I simply can't
seem to get my head around the looping mechanism syntax in lisp.

What I want to do first is find a window that has a certain string in
the title, and do something, say print its name.

I have been trying combinations of invoking sawfish-client - and adding
a testlisp.jl to ~/.sawfish/lisp and adding a (require testlisp.jl) to
my .sawfishrc.

Once added to testlisp.jl i can execute a function from sawfish-client 

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