Re: lisp newbie help (semi long)

On Oct 9, 2003, at 1:37 PM, Bret Hughes wrote:
What I want to do first is find a window that has a certain string in
the title, and do something, say print its name.

(get-window-by-name "NAME")

will find the first window called NAME. If you want to do substring searching you need to use get-window-by-name-re, which searches using a regular expression rather than just a string

what I can't do is figure out the sytnax to iterate through the list and
print the names (something that seemed a reasonable starting point.)

there are a number of ways to iterate over a list in rep, mapc/mapcar, while, let, do

(mapc (lambda (x) (do-something-with x)) my-list)

(let ((x my-list))
  (while x
    (do-something-with (car x))
    (setq x (cdr x)))

(let loop ((rest my-list))
  (when rest
    (do-something-with (car rest))
    (loop (cdr rest)))

(do ((rest my-list (cdr rest))
    ((null rest))
  (do-something-with (car rest)))

stylistically the first is probably the cleanest when there are no side effects, but they all have their uses..

for printing strings in sawfish you can use the display-message function, it creates a small window and puts some text in it, e.g. (display-message "hello, world")


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