Stuck with broken Crux setting

Hi all,

I've been running sawfish for a while as window manager on a Debian machine, 
kernel 2.4.21. Since I use the machine in a kiosk-like mode, I start X with 
only the following apps (taken from my customized .xsession file):

#! /bin/sh
sawfish &
/usr/local/bin/mozilla http://localhost

This has worked fine up til now. I mainly let sawfish handle keyboard focusing 
between main window and popup windows etc.

However, after an apt-get update (updating packages using the Debian package 
handler - I'm using unstable) I got a new, interesting behavior. No window 
manager functionality whatsover seems to be present (no window borders, no 
focus control), and I get this error message from sawfish whenever I launch a 

Error: no such image, /usr/share/sawfish/1.3/themes/Crux/inactive:top-left-

However, this image file exists in this very location, and it is readable by 
all users. I tried to download and compile the source code. Same result 
(with /usr/local/share/sawfish/1.3/themes/Crux/inactive:top-left-border.png).

I've tried running sawfish-ui which states that I have chosen Crux as theme. 
But trying to switch to another theme just sets the popup back to Crux (after 
displaying the same error message on the console).

I'm not a lisp programmer (yet?!). Is there some easy way to hack around this 
problem and choose another default theme in, say .sawfishrc? Or perhaps 
switching theme won't help me here? Is this a known bug (I've tried to look for 
something similar, but haven't found anything)?

Best regards,


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