Re: Pango API

Shun-ichi TAHARA writes:
|The options are:
|A. Implement g_locale_to_utf8() equivalent code (perhaps copy from
|   glib?). But it needs iconv() anyway, and needs checks about these
|   in configure.

I don't think we want to go down that path..

|B. Checks glib dependency and use g_locale_to_utf8() only if glib
|   found.

that would be ok I guess, though I would prefer not to change the
behaviour magically like that (another variable when debugging people's
problem reports)

|C. Do not add UTF-8 conversion to the Xft backend.
|We are OK if sawfish has the pango backend, so I will not mind any
|options to be taken :-).

ok, I think (C) wins then :-)

|> the problem is that there's no way of knowing if pango will be
|> supported by sawfish. Sawfish has the function font-type-exists-p to do
|> this, but unfortunately that's not available to the script. I'm not
|> sure what to do about this yet..
|It will be happy if we can use functions in font.c, won't it?

yes, but we can't

|I have the same dilemma where GDK_USE_XFT is checked. So I implemented
|use_xft() function in font.c; the same code is found in

The problem is that the sawfish.ui code doesn't know the pango font type
is supported by sawfish, not what the user's preference is. If it
decides to use pango fonts, when they're not supported, things will
work very badly!

I've just changed things so that sawfish.gtk.widgets.font is generated
by configure from a file, it has a variable substituted into
it that lets it know when pango is available.

Please update from cvs and let me know if it still works for you,


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