Re: Pango API

From: John Harper <jsh unfactored org>
Message-Id: <ag1dwkmodt 1lhs47d7wiad xebec unfactored org>

> Since the pango backend has the glib UTF-8 conversion, is it necessary
> to also add it to the Xft backend? (it would have to be conditional)

The options are:

A. Implement g_locale_to_utf8() equivalent code (perhaps copy from
   glib?). But it needs iconv() anyway, and needs checks about these
   in configure.

B. Checks glib dependency and use g_locale_to_utf8() only if glib

C. Do not add UTF-8 conversion to the Xft backend.

We are OK if sawfish has the pango backend, so I will not mind any
options to be taken :-).

> the problem is that there's no way of knowing if pango will be
> supported by sawfish. Sawfish has the function font-type-exists-p to do
> this, but unfortunately that's not available to the script. I'm not
> sure what to do about this yet..

It will be happy if we can use functions in font.c, won't it?

I have the same dilemma where GDK_USE_XFT is checked. So I implemented
use_xft() function in font.c; the same code is found in
S.Tahara / jado flowernet gr jp

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