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2009/1/20 Scott Balneaves <sbalneav legalaid mb ca>:
> Hello!
> My name's Scott, and I'm a developer with the LTSP project, and also with the
> Edubuntu project.
> For many people deploying LTSP, or Edubuntu environments using LTSP, the
> question that first comes up is: "How can I set up the defaults for my users?".
I can only agree that setting up defaults is number two after having
setup an LTSP installation. I have managed a couple of those and
finding where some non-native applications on linux stores their
preferences can be a real pain. Openoffice and Firefox arent very
multi-user friendly. Native Linux applications that makes use of /etc
and  ~/. are really no problem but can be a hassle for non-linux

> The answer of course, is Sabayon.  The problem is: Sabayon doesn't work, at
> least on Ubuntu.  And from some of the posts on this list, seemingly for other
> distros too.
Sabayon is really a key technology imho for Linux on larger desktop
rollouts. The idea behind it is very nice and the concept easy to
grasp even for a complete beginner.

> Sabayon's going to be the single most important technology, in my opinion,
> that's going to drive penetration of the gnome destkop into education and
> corporate environments.  It's too important a piece of software to languish.
I think the problem is that the bigger vendors have dropped the
desktop from their current agenda except canonical. Sabayon is in my
opinion much better than Microsofts AD Group Policies and really an
area where Linux shines. All it needs is polishing and more hammering
on it.

> There's a few of us who are trying to identify the crasher bugs, and get them
> fixed within Ubuntu, and I want to make sure that these flow upstream to Gnome.
> Furthermore, I'd like to try to get involved in upstream for Sabayon.
I really wish i was a developer and could help out. Your mail got me
all riled up to try and pick up programming and do something in return
for LTSP wich i am totally inlove with.



> I'm currently set to idle on #sabayon on, and I can also be found
> on #ltsp and #edubuntu on
> Glad to be aboard.
> Cheers,
> Scott
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