[sabayon] This development cycle...

I think, is pretty much finished:


We need to get 2.29.5 tarballs out soon.  I think Sabayon's made some pretty
big steps forward this cycle.  We've managed to:

 * Include apply by group
 * Fix several crasher bugs
 * Remove libglade
 * Cleaned up the Pessulus dependencies
 * Re-org'd the conf file storage to /etc/sabayon
 * Added a manual.

I think, realistically, we need to let things settle for a bit.  Rather than
adding/changing any features at this point, I'd like to spend the rest of the
development cycle testing, improving the manual, and doing a bit of a code
audit/cleanup, and improving the doctrings.

I'd really appreciate it if everyone interested in Sabayon could spend the next
few months testing it.  To this end, I'll be spending the next few days working
on the manual, and posting a nice tutorial on the live site.


Scott L. Balneaves | The dissemination of knowledge is one of the
Systems Department | cornerstones of civilization.
Legal Aid Manitoba |     -- John F. Budd

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