[sabayon] Adding applets on the panel.


I have installed the latest source package of Sabayon, 2.12.2. Most things work but one thing wont, adding applets or menu items on the gnome-panel. 

When i remove an applet for the first time it correctly says for eg. (translated from swedish).
The panel object "email_launcher_screen0" was removed.

But, when i add a panel object it just says 

The panel program "applet0" was added.

The thing is, when i fire up a test user with this profile ive just created i can see all but the applets i have added on the panel. Objects ive put on the desktop seems to follow the profile. When i reopen the profile in sabayon it looks exactly as when i created it in sabayon but not IRL on a live user.

Anyone who have seen this before?


Daniel Hedblom
Sollefteå Kommun
Mob. arb. 0703837244

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