DLNA for recording

Hi list,

DLNA 1.x isn't made for that and I couldn't get much info about DLNA version 2 
which should include recording in some form. My vision for a modular home 
theater PC software is based on a variety of DLNA servers / renderers etc. 
Basically I'm thinking of this:

XMLTV data is chopped into one file per show and linked into directories by 
date, station, etc. Using a custom profile the info is published by a DLNA 
server or uploader "XMLTV".

Any standard control point is used to select shows for recording by "playing" 
these files. In my case this will be a smart phone via WLAN.

A renderer "Recorder" extracts the meta data and performs the necessary magic 
like command line generation for recording.

The output file is now published by a standard server and is ready for 

An "Ad remover" renderer could be added later.

Any standard control point is used to select shows for playing.

A renderer "mplayer" is used for software output.

As I understand it, rygel is a platform for the required plugins. Especially 
the "external" and "gst-launch" plugins might be useful. I could not find any 
usage examples. Source code for a renderer that gets data feed on standard 
input to a shell script would help me a lot. Given my very limited knowledge 
of C and vala, I have difficulties understanding the code and documentation.

Thanks for any hints to existing components, usage examples or other help.

Johannes Nieß

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