Re: some patches

>   OK! i don't understand that printf magic at first look but i'll look
> into it. Another thing that needs modification for this to work is
> Rygel.DIDLLiteWriter class but that is trivial so don't worry about
> it.

I just removed the trailing dot. It seems to be a typo.

I didn't have to modify DIDLLiteWriter.

>   BTW, i implemented transcoding to mpeg transport stream and mp3 (in
> the process of making the PCM one working). It is generic enough on
> the source side. i-e it takes in anything that gstreamer can decode
> using decodebin2. Last i checked with PS3 it doesn't work but I am
> hopeful I'll get at least the LPCM one working with it soon. Here is
> the branch i am working on if you are interested:

I'll take a look, thanks.

Henrique Ferreiro García <henrique ferreiro gmail com>

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