Re: Bikeshedding the gnome-class mini-language

On Thu, 2017-10-26 at 10:23 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
Also, thanks for reminding me about mutexes and such.  In the code
generator as it is right now, we create a function

  fn get_priv(&self) -> &FooPrivate;

The user's method implementations use self.get_priv() to get the
private structure.

This is a &FooPrivate, not &mut FooPrivate.  In the tests/examples we
have right now, the assumption is that the user will implement interior
mutability as they see fit, e.g.:

Agreed, that's the nicest way for doing this.

I don't know how we could have automatic getters/setters if the user is
forced to do interior mutability in this arbitrary way - how would the
getter/setter know how your field is wrapped?

I don't know :) I'm fine with not having automatic getters/setters
until we figure that one out, or forever even. It's not very painful.

Personally I don't like automatic setters/getters very much.  My
reasoning is that if you are changing an object's property you really
want something else to happen (e.g. make a widget redraw itself).  If
your object is just a bag of state with no side effects, you may as
well use a struct...

(Conversely, properties with side effects scare me in C#, because they
don't look like function calls.  Maybe they don't bother me as much in
GTK+ since your code actually looks like it's calling a function when
it sets a property.)

Separating logic and data seems generally nice, and properties should
IMHO just change data trivially (plus taking a mutex, setting a flag
that something has changed, etc)... and other code then takes care of
applying those changes at a later time (e.g. next time the widget is
rendered, next time the GStreamer element processes data, ...).
But I guess that's too restrictive, judging from all the code out there
that uses properties :) In the end it's a matter of style/taste.

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