[Rhythmbox-devel] cannot play MP3's in Fedora 25

Hi all --

I've been using Rhythmbox for many years, thanks!  But I recently upgraded my desktop to Fedora 25 and I haven't got Rhythmbpox to play any MP3s.  I first tried installing gstreamer1-plugins-* from RPMFusion; and when that didn't work I uninstalled gstreamer1-plugins-ugly and installed gstreamer1-plugin-mpg123 and mpg123-libs from the default Fedora repositories, as suggested by this page:
In both cases, whenever I click on an MP3 song in rhythmbox, I get a notification that 'an application is requesting an additional codec', and a button to open the 'Software' application.  The Software application crashes before doing anything, but that's not your problem :-/

I can play MP3s with the mpg123 command line program and with VLC.  Totem behaves essentially the same as Rhythmbox.

Any ideas?  Or is there a better place for me to ask?


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