[Rhythmbox-devel] How to set up scrobbling to Last.fm on Rhythmbox 3.3 (Ubuntu 16.04)?

Dear all,

I am using Rhythmbox on Ubuntu 16.04 and would like to set up scribbling for Last.fm. In the Ubuntu Wiki [0] the following instructions are given:

Setting up Last.fm Syncing

  1. Select Edit > Plugins
  2. Select the box for the Last.fm plugin, then click Configure
  3. Insert your Last.fm username and password
  4. Click Close on the Last.fm Configure and Plugin windows, then use Rhythmbox as normal. The played song information will be uploaded automatically to your Last.fm account.
However, in Rhythmbox 3.3 there is no "Configure" button in the Plugins dialogue. There is a "Preferences" button, but it only allows to chose which service to scrobble to, not to set user credentials.

How can I set my Last.fm credentials in Rhythmbox 3.3? Thank you,


[0] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Rhythmbox#Last.fm_Syncing

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