[Rhythmbox-devel] search box feature request

Hello list,

Not sure where to direct that but figure I'll just throw it out here
maybe some one day will add that.

It would be cool if rhythmbox search box could also exclude stuff in a
search engine manner for example search box contents:
Jamal -Rewolucje
Which results in displaying Jamal Rewolucje album instead of what I was
hoping for all Jamal albums in this case excluding Rewolucje one.

Just a thought, don't really expect to see this working anytime soon,
but maybe one day. Probably irrelevant here but am on 3.0.2 version on
this box and realize it's not the latest.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all hard work put into rhythmbox over the
years, it's being appreciated.

Have a great day

Dawid Bryl | Skype: SkylineServers
Skyline Servers | https://skylineservers.com
+1-844-666-UNIX | +1-312-809-6100

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