[Rhythmbox-devel] --hide option in rhythmbox-client

Hi All,

I would like to start playing a radio source from the command line using
rhythmbox without opening the rhythmbox window, so I was trying to use

I have found, as described here


that there was a --hide option in v.2.96, but it has been removed next,
and now in my 3.0.3 (Ubuntu 14.10) it does not exist any more. Is this

Is there any way for 3.0.3 users to achieve the same result? Or, does it
make sense to request the --hide option back (i.e., why has it been
removed if there's no an option that replaces it?) ?

I have already made some search here in the list archives, and the only
related message seems to be


, but this is about removing the --hide option from the manpage... I
have found nothing about removing the option from the software :-/

Many thanks in advance,
any help would be greatly appreciated

Best regards,

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