[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 2.99.1 plugin menu locations

Hello everyone,

I've got a quick question about how plugin menu locations in RB2.99.1 work. Over on the Rhythmbox Python plugin examples page, it says that plugin menu locations can be found by searching for 'rb-plugin-menu-link' in the UI files defining menus and toolbars. Following this, I found a 'rb-plugin-menu-link' in the library-toolbar.ui file (<rhythmbox-source>/data/ui/library-toolbar.ui), which has the attribute 'library-toolbar'. So far, so good, but then I hit a snag: when I try to add a menu item to the library toolbar, it doesn't show up. I've attached a minimum working example plugin, to save a more lengthy explanation. In short, if you set location = 'playlist-toolbar' in the TestPlugin.py file, then a button marked 'Test' appears in the toolbar in each of the playlist windows; the problem is that I can't get the same button to appear in the library toolbar when I set location = 'library-toolbar'.

I'd really appreciate any help on this (it's been driving me nuts). I suspect I'm missing something really obvious, so I thought I'd try asking here first before spelunking into the source tonight and showing up to work tomorrow with red eyes from the lack of sleep. Again...

All the best,

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