Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ipod & mp3 tax fixes?

I can confirm that I also see this problem. Every time I plug in my IPod Classic, every playlist is duplicated. That is all the files that make up the playlist are added an additional time to that playlist. Some of my playlists now have thousands of items in them, each item in the playlist, in order, over and over.

I addition, I CANNOT delete anything from the ipod. To delete anything I have to login to Windows, run itunes and clean up from there. itunes shows the playlists duplicated also, though itunes does not do the duplication thing itself. It is a real mess.

-- Will Merrell

On 05/18/2013 04:40 PM, J.D. Laub wrote:

I can report no such problems here with rb2.96 under ubu12.04; besides an occasional segfault, which as of this morning became repeatable (and which I'm debugging at this moment), things work fairly well.

It wasn't trivial, but I've built from scratch (and debugged and slightly patched).  The last time I tried to build 2.98, I hit incompatibilities & gave up, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear it problematic to get rb0.3.13 running under ubu12.04.



On 05/17/13 09:30 AM, Mike Snook wrote:

Rhythmbox 0.3.13 in Ubuntu 11.04 worked perfectly with my iPod classic 3rd gen.
Rhythmbox 2.96 in Ubuntu 12.04 is giving me problems:
Tracks copied to ipod don't show up in Rhythmbox display, but create multiple instances of each song on the ipod.
Tags seem to be randomly scrambled; the title of one mp3 will wind up in a different mp3, etc.
Is this a problem with Rhythmbox or some underlying library?
Is there any news on a fix?
Is there a way to revert to Rhythmbox 0.3.13 in Ubuntu 12.04?

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