Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Opening a GUI after clicking on a menu item

Ankit Arora <ankitarora121 <at>> writes:

I understood how to add a plugin's menu item and execute a function, now I
want to understand how to open a popup window after clicking on that menu
item and then perform my actions after selecting options in that window. Any
links/resources/examples will be appreciated.
I don't know how much of the WritingGuide to follow because I believe a
lot of things have changed after it was last updated.

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Hi Ankit,

  strictly speaking, you are now delving into GTK programming and not
rhythmbox per se -

You'll need to add a signal to your menu option.
This will invoke your callback function which you can then open your
window to do stuff.

For example - in my github project coverart-browser



you can see the signals defined in the menu - you can see the callback for example


From there it opens a popup window which I have just wrapped up in a class
in the file

Hope this helps


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