[Rhythmbox-devel] Search for string containing (

Dear Rhtyhmbox community

I've been using Rhythmbox on my Ubuntu machine for the last 2 years and
I very much liked many aspects of it, in particular compared to other
Ubuntu music players.  One thing though that has bugged me is this:

I have my songs tagged with the language in which they are sung in the
"Style" field, using "(en)" for English, "(de)" for German, "(fr)" for
French, etc.  Now, I would like to search for instance for all German
songs, i.e. those where the style field contains "(de)".  I know that I
can create a playlist with this criterion. However, when I just type
"(de)" into the search bar, Rhythmbox will only search for "de", which
of course find many songs not in German.  Does anyone know a way to make
the search bar not ignore brackets?

Thanks for your help!


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