[Rhythmbox-devel] Nikolai: Rhythmbox version 2.98 crashing when playing last seconds of a song

Hi for some reason I have been having Rhythmbox 2.98 crash on me repetitively. For some reason rhythmbox seems to crash all the time with 2 seconds left remaining to be played for the current song. Its almost as if rhythmbox gets stuck and can't do anything. The only thing i can do is press the close option in top right hand corner of rhythmbox and then I get a separate window stating: This program is unresponsive and have two options, 1 - wait or 2 - force quit. Attached is a debug file that was created when i ran in terminal: "rhythmbox -d." I don't know why the crash is occurring and would like to know what ways I can go about to fix this issue that keeps occurring with rhythmbox.

P.S: if there is any more info you would need about my system or rhythmbox just let me know.

Attachment: debug log for rhythmbox 2.98 crash
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