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Hello rhythmbox developer,

I am sorry to bother you like this. I really like rhythmbox but I was wondering how the function that searches for podcast works. I mean, where is the database that is adressed when looking for a specific podcast.
I know you can right click a channel, and it all seems to stem from itunes.apple.com. For example, the 'stuff you should know'-channel gives: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stuff-you-should-know/id278981407?mt=2&uo=4.
I have been searching the net for crazy now and don't find a description of how to find the list of channels, the meta-podcast so to speak, anywhere.
It would help me to know, since I'd like to explore other means of streaming and interacting with those channels, going from other gui-based apps to command line interfaces.
I did however find some vague post in your archives reporting to this, stating as answer:

You can right click a podcast in the list of podcasts, select
preferences and the url will be listed in there. The data is stored in
Banshee's database and is not otherwise easily accessible.

The key words that interest me are "not otherwise easily". So even if the "database" would be hard to connect to or use, I'd still like to know how.

I hope you can help me,

Michael Wyckmans

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