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Hi. My name is Jim and I'm fairly new to Rhythmbox after a few iterations of Ubuntu and other players. So far, I like Rhythmbox best because it's intuitive and easy. When I want to listen to my music, which is often at the end of a long day, easy is good. :)

Here's my dilemma and I've been going to ask other developers to see what they thought, but I actually like Rhythmbox well enough to get off my butt and write, so here it is:

Often, when I'm switching back and forth between accessory speakers for my laptop - which sits on my desk as often as not and is where the speakers are located - and my headphones or earbuds, I forget to change the volume. I have to turn the volume up pretty high for the speakers, which have their own volume control, however it just sounds better when the laptop volume is high and the speaker volume is attenuated. But...I forget to turn the volume back down and pop in my earbuds or don my headphones and BAAM! OK, I know the first line of defense might be to put a Post-It note on my screen saying, 'Turn the volume down, dodo', but I would like to ask for another option.

Back in the Dark Ages when we used Windows on our pedal-powered ultrarocks, there was a music player - and I'm baffled trying to remember which one, although I know it wasn't WMP - that always began play with the volume low and then raised it fairly quickly to its currently set position. So as an exercise, say I had the volume on 11 ('This Is Spinal Tap, anyone?) and forgot to turn it back to 5 or so, the player would begin it at zero and in about 2 seconds it would raise it to wherever I left it last, BUT it didn't just pop on at full eardrum-bursting volume. In those brief 2 seconds, you could take action to save your hearing.

OK, I'm probably also suffering from age-related dementia and/or 1978...don't ask...but the name of the player has gone the way of the 18-year-old virgin, which, by the way, I had nothing to do with.

So, could it be a plug-in? Or something that could be toggled? I don't know if everyone would want it, but I've chatted with several people - usually right after I almost deafen myself - and they seem to like the idea, too, and for the same reason.

Anyway, thanks! Really! I came to the Open Source community not knowing what to expect, but now I help where I can and am very appreciative of the talent, education, time, and volunteer effort you folks put into this.

Thank you.

alienmindgame gmail com


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