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On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 8:23 AM, Andrea Wildt <wildt andrea gmail com> wrote:

I have an usual request (I think anyhow), perhaps you can help me or point me in the correct direction.

I would like to develop an iTunes inspired relational database for the real estate industry. However i think it could be applicable as a framework for many applications, eg. food (ingredients that can be maintained in a list, sorted, ordered, grouped (playlist style into recipes). For real estate, a house is made up of a shopping list of many items that can be associated with designs for example.

Can Rhythmbox be modified to handle different items from music files? Is there a flexible store that can be modified to source items from various vendors? Is this a project you would consider undertaking. Are there better suited applications out there for what I have in mind?

Rhythmbox contains *a lot* of code that assumes that its primary function is media playback. Also, in the universe of scalable, feature-rich databases, I'd wager that RhythmDB isn't king of scalability, and isn't really relational (at least not the way we use it for songs).

Since RB is written in C, you'd have to strip out and/or generalize a lot of code that is already implemented in a domain-specific way for media playback, just to retain the database interface. It'd be a lot of work. Especially considering that RB's modules have a lot of interdependencies, and you see references to the various components of RB sprinkled throughout the source files.

Sounds like what you want is something like NetBeans Platform or Eclipse RCP. These platforms provide a very general-purpose sort of "information system springboard" on which you can build, and I'm sure they already provide a lot of code that will help you interface with a database and build a UI for one. It's probably a lot easier to write an enterprise app in Java than in C/GLib, anyway, because the library support for things-that-enterprise-information-systems-normally-need is much more robust in Java than in C/GLib. Not to mention automatic memory management.


Kind regards
Andrea Wildt

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