[Rhythmbox-devel] Related Tool for Rhythmbox

Hello All,

I would like to introduce my recent, ready to use project, - “Inmedafit” application (http://shvachko.net/my3w/vsh_wares_eng.html#Inmedafit). This application can be Related Tool for Rhythmbox.

Inmedafit application is the software client that allows users to obtain the detailed information about the network and local media resources, process the Rhythmbox database, create and manipulate by playlists.

Inmedafit is the GUI-based application software that implements the following functions: - Reading, parsing and displaying the playlists which were stored in the standard pls-format, m3u-format and the Rhythmbox database. - The manual entering and placing of the individual source items (Media Resource Locators, MRLs) to the working list. - Detecting, processing and showing the actual detailed information (album, genre, title etc) about the stated network and local media resources (Internet radio, audio files etc). - Editing the content of the working list and its individual data cells (with possibility of copying of the present data to the Clipboard and using by external software immediately). - Searching and selection of the items, which were stated at the working list, according to the entered necessary keywords. - Synchronization of the obtained information about media resources with the Rhythmbox database (with possibility to add the necessary items or to replace the content completely). - Writing the processed playlists in the standard pls- and m3u-formats (for future utilizing by the wide-used media players like VLC, Movie Player, Windows Media Player etc at various operating systems).

Screenshot of this application is located at
and documentation is available at
http://shvachko.net/my3w/files/depository/mysoftware/doc/Inmedafit.pdf .

Actual playlist of the known Internet radio stations (http://shvachko.net/my3w/files/depository/mysoftware/internet_radio_stations.m3u) which are located worldwide includes more than 1300 items and it increases permanently.

Vadym Shvachko,

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