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On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 11:51 AM, jmáriomartinho
<jmariomartinho gmail com> wrote:
> hello! how can I make rhythmbox play mp3 format on fedora 16 without
> recurring to easylife software?

This procedure is very well documented all over the internet,
particularly at Fedora's own wiki:

Basically you need to obtain Fluendo's MP3 decoder. The way that you
go about that is up to you. Their mp3 decoder is free (as in beer) so
any way to obtain it is as good as any other. You might as well use
easylife, or rpmfusion repository or something similar, if the
instructions on the wiki are too hard for you.

A few things:

1. This is not a rhythmbox problem. The appropriate mailing list would
be Fedora's, where Fedora users and maintainers could tell you where
to find plugins for your distro.
2. Since rhythmbox uses gstreamer, *every* gstreamer application on
your system will have the same problem.

So the problem of codecs is twice removed from Rhythmbox: once by
gstreamer and once by your distro. Your problem would only be relevant
to Rhythmbox if your codecs work fine with other Gstreamer apps, but
are broken or don't load properly with Rhythmbox. In that case, please
let us know, so we can help.



> thanks!
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