[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox


i really prefer to use rhythmbox instead of amarok, kaffein, audacious etc., although, unfortunately there are a few impractical features, e.g. i definitely can't tell friends i have to install a third-party-plugin to be able to repeat a single song, such a shame... but also good work yet, i like its simplicity, usability, the integration in gnome2.3 and its fully supported by my periboard307el.

but there is one thing left i found no solution for. the button to deactivate musicbrainz in rhythmbox. please give me a hint to stopp these annoying dialog about to share my Album with musicbrainz. especially, i don't like the concept that any server is recognizing which CD i could have in my drive... this is not a must have!

best regards

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