Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin to fix playlists

On 02/04/2012 05:02 AM, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
I don't even understand what you're asking for here.  You want the
playlist code to do this for you?  To my mind this is something better
implemented in a plugin.
True, I also got to this conclusion .

Read the introductory documentation for gtk. There's nothing special
about using gtk within rhythmbox.
Done and done .

Which playlist parser? What sort of playlists are you talking about?
The Totem playlist parser . All sorts of playlists , since I think it parses them all the same . I think I can handle that now.
3.Last part I figured out : probe every DB entery for its location , parse
it through g_filename_from_uri , compare the filename to the item given from
the playlist, if there's a match ->  add it to the playlist
The database really isn't built for this sort of thing, so you're
going to end up just iterating through the entire thing. This will be
Yes , it will be , but I don't know what the mechanism is that the automatic playlists use for example to search in the paths of the songs (and I thought even that won't be perfect but now that I thought about it , it can be used without errors) .
If you ask specific questions I can answer them. I can't answer "I
need some help".
True , I'm sorry for throwing unfinished ideas around (I thought someone could pick them up , but I in no way insisted on it) .

So now , the questions :
-Do you know how the automatic playlists search through the paths in the DB for strings -How do I get to communicate with the DB in my program , I've never done that before (as in :how do I get the RhythmDBClass object from another process)

Again , sorry for the spam earlier , I hope the questions aren't too stupid .

PS:I saw just now I didn't add the mailing list address , sry for the resend .


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