[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Import Settings


I am using Rhythmbox 2.97 on Debian Wheezy (64bit).

Importing CDs is really slow, and researching how to speed this up I came across Ubuntu Community documentation as follows:

Change Importing Settings

The out-of-the-box configuration of rhythmbox may be slow in extracting audio CDs. You can speed up the process by applying the following settings as integer-values withing gconf-editor:

  • /apps/rhythmbox/paranoia-mode=0
  • /apps/rhythmbox/read-speed=16
Debian Wheezy doesn't have gconf-editor installed by default, but when installed it doesn't have an entry for Rhythmbox. Wheezy has dconf-editor which has an entry for Rhythmbox, but not with the parameters listed above.

I'd be grateful for any help in how I can speed up Rhythmbox CD importing in Debian Wheezy.



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