[Rhythmbox-devel] "Stop Playing after this track"

Hello guy's,
First of all I would like to thank you guys for a really great music player.

Over the years I've been looking for a good music player and I've tried quite a few.

And in trying all those players I also got used to certian features.

Rhythmbox is a player that really checks all the boxes except for one.
There is one feature that I have gotten so used to and that I'm missing very much in Rhythmbox.

Sometimes you are playing a song but you need to leave. The most annoying thing is to just stop a song midway. It's so harsh and not fun. Sometimes you want to let a song play to the end but you don't want to hear anything else after that.

Sometimes you might want to queue a few songs but let them stop playing after a certain track.

This ability to "Stop playing after this song" is one I have found extremely pleasant in several other music players.

Once there was a plugin made by someone to do this in rhythmbox. But that plugin no longer works in the current version of rhythmbox.

I was hoping you guys could think about this knowing that if you add such a feature you will have ended atleast one guy's search for the perfect music player.

Thanks and greetings

Guy Stevens

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