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On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 2:51 PM, SaRsbretta <sexual_ron scooterjerks com> wrote:
> Hi, I plan to stay in an older version of Ubuntu and would like to
> have an up to date version of Rhythmbox. So, my question is, is there
> a official PPA for Rhythmbox?

First of all, PPAs are not official by their nature. :)

Second, this would be a lot of work, depending on the version of Ubuntu.

Rhythmbox depends on a lot of GNOME libraries and other system libs.
If you're on Ubuntu 11.04 or newer (IIRC), you're using the GNOME 2
libraries. Recent versions of Rhythmbox use the GNOME 3 libraries. You
can see the problem: it can be challenging to mix GNOME 2 and GNOME 3
on the same system, particularly if the right versions of the GNOME 3
libraries are not even offered on the system.

That said, I think someone out there -- the "webupd8 team" -- might
have already done this. As you can see, Rhythmbox has a ton of
dependencies that need to be installed along with it in order to
ensure a smooth upgrade experience. This may impact other parts of
your system in unknown ways.

Take a look here:

That is the *only* Rhythmbox PPA out there -- official or not -- that
I could find. My advice would be to avoid upgrading Rhythmbox between
the GNOME 2 version (version 0.13.x and earlier) to the GNOME 3
version (version 2.xx) on the same distro, as that could lead to
problems. Upgrades between versions in these two separate "worlds"
should be significantly less drastic, especially once the final
release of Rhythmbox 3.x hits and the ABIs stop changing ;P

Good luck,


> Thank you
> ~ron
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