[Rhythmbox-devel] Fedora 15 with Magnatune or Jamendo failure

Please accept my apology for posting this on a development list, but I
have not been able to get any response from the Fedora User's list.

I have not been able to get rhythmbox on F15 under gnome3 to work with
magnatunes or jamendo.  The radio as well as the direct access of music
on my pc works fine.   Other software like 'movie player' and 'dragon
player' work fine.

When I try to connect to magnatunes or jamendo it attempts to download
the catalogs, but it never completes and therefore never starts.

I can open up the preferences to the plugin of jamendo, but when I try
to open up the preferences to magnatune the program crashes.  

Has anyone else had these problems.  I have not submitted a bug yet, and
thought I would ask here first.

Greg Ennis

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