Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feedback: a couple suggested features

On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Joey Dodson <ninjawailer gmail com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm not on the dev list, as I currently don't have much programming
> experience. However, I thought I'd compliment you guys on the project
> and give a couple suggestions. If you don't want/need suggestions,
> then please ignore this email.
> 1. Editing song information
> This is probably the single most troublesome aspect of using Rythmbox.
> It currently seems impossible to edit meta info for a song (am I
> wrong?). Rythmbox could really use some ways to alter this
> information. Ideally doing this should be saved in the file (though
> that could be an option in preferences). This should be doable within
> the music library. I hate to say this, but windows media player is a
> good example of easy and convenient library management. If you select
> a song and then click a field in the song it is possible to edit the
> info for that song. Another nice feature of wmp is that using tab and
> up/down arrows, you can navigate through the adjacent fields. For
> example, I added some files from an album to my library, but the
> artist information isn't there. I can then type the artist info into
> track one, copy it, then hit down arrow then paste repeatedly to fill
> in the whole album's artist info in a few seconds. Anyways, I really
> think there are good arguments for implementing this feature sooner
> rather than later. I'm sure with a bit of creativity it would be
> entirely possible to outdo wmp's functionality here. :)

To edit a single song in RB, I right click on it and pick edit properties
from the context menu (something like that - I'm in front of RB right
now). To edit multiple songs (e.g. to rename an album), select the
songs, then again use the right click edit properties menu.


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