Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] problems parsing podcast feeds

Le vendredi 18 mars 2011 à 10:37 -0400, Laine Stump a écrit :
> On 03/18/2011 01:44 AM, Lachlan de Waard wrote:
> > On 18 March 2011 15:37, Laine Stump<laine laine org>  wrote:
> >> I'm running the rhythmbox that is part of Fedora 14 (currently at version
> >> 0.13.3). It is having trouble parsing podcast feeds that rhythmbox 0.12.8
> >> (on Fedora 13) has no trouble with. For example, the current state of the
> >> Car Talk feed at NPR cannot even be added to rhthmbox 0.13.3's feeds:
> > I just added them both to RB 0.13.3 without any problems.
> Which leads to my other question: is there an external library being 
> called to do any of the network IO or parse the feed contents? Very 
> definitely the user experience of 0.13.3 is broken on my system; if it's 
> working on yours, then maybe there's some external library in use that's 
> a different version on your system.

> >> I have two questions:
> >>
> >> 1) is the parsing of the feeds done in rhythmbox code directly, or is an
> >> external library called?

Yes an external lib is in charge of doing the Podcast parsing
(totem-pl-parser) and the network part is most likely handled by

> >> 2) Is this mailing list the appropriate place to report these problems? Or
> >> is there a bug tracking system somewhere (aside from Fedora's) that is
> >> preferred?

The Gnome bugzilla [1] is the preferred place to track bugs.


Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles dartiguelongue esiee org>

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