[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox quietely deletes files

Dear Rhythmbox developers

I have recently switched to Rhythmbox as my default music player. Before
that, I was using amarok. I have to say, I like rhythmbox: The file
browsing view fits well with the way I think about music and I really
appreciate the playlist management. So congratulations on the great

There is one serious drawback, though. Since I use Rhythmbox, it happens
relatively regularly that music files get lost. In some cases, they have
just been moved to a different folder, but in some cases, they have
quietely been deleted. This is very annoying. In particular, because it
is not always possible to replace these lost files.

I wonder if this is a known issue? Unfortunately, I did not find a
simple scenario that allows me to replicate the error reliably. Are
there any things that I didn't think about? I would be happy, if it was
possible to switch rhythmbox to a "readonly" mode. Is that possible? Did
I miss something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot,


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