[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox only partially importing library


Ubuntu, 11.04 platform, rhythmbox 0.13.3

  I recently switched from a VIA-EPIA based server, which exported my music library over NFS to a Synology NAS, also exporting the library over NFS.

After I changed the library location in Rhythmbox, everything went smoothly; rhythmbox picked up about 3/4ths of my moved library.. Not all, but I was still in an experimental phase, and didn't have permissions set up correctly.

I tried adding some new music to the library, and found that only 10 % was imported into rhythmbox. At the same time, my squeezebox server was picking up the entire library.

Removed all rhythmbox files and deinstalled rhythmbox, reinstalled and reimported the library : Only picked up 5000 or so songs out of a collection of 26000 or so.

My questions:
  - How can I debug what's going on here ?
  - What is the correct way of reimporting a library (I really don't want to move that much data around again..)
  - Is there a backport of the 2.9 series for Ubuntu 11.04 ?

One possible further data point: I have a lot of Greek, Chinese and Indian music. Not all artists' names are in standard US character set.

Any suggestions ?


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