Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Elementary

On 26/09/10 20:45, Sean McNamara wrote:
> The information in the status bar here says "528 songs, 1 day, 10
> hours and 26 minutes, 2.9 GB". This particular information is
> *exceedingly* useful and interesting to me many times throughout the
> day as I use Rhythmbox:

Yeah, I like having it there, too.

> My question is: if you're planning to take away the status bar,
> *where* will these data (# of songs, run time, and total file size of
> the current playlist or selection in the browser) be relocated? And
> make sure you capture each of these fields, not just one or two of
> them.

View > [ ] Statusbar? Off by default, works for Epiphany.

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