Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GSoC 2010: DACP (iPhone Remote) Support for Rhythmbox

> I just wanted to let you know about my Google Summer of Code project, which
> is to implement support for DACP, aka iPhone & iPod touch Remote, to
> Rhythmbox. The coding officially starts this week so I've setup a WIki to
> show the progress (also because GSoC admins required ;)
> Hopefully this gets into Rhythmbox soon.
I am the Google Summer of Code mentor for Alexandre's project. I
would like Alexandre's work to target libdmapsharing so that any GNOME
application may use his DACP functionality. Rhythmbox does not yet use
libdmapsharing for its DAAP implementation. I have submitted a patch
[1] that changes this. I have since been working with Jonathan Matthew
to refine the patch.

The patch is starting to get mature and I would appreciate feedback from
anyone who is willing to test it. The Bugzilla entry contains instructions
that describe what is needed to build Rhythmbox with the patch.


Mike Petullo


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