[Rhythmbox-devel] How to enable "Add to playlist" menu in RBSource plugin?

I have RBSource plugin.
I'd like to enable standard "Add to playlist" functionality.
What I can do is to display
in show_popup_cb (I can customize it later, doesn't matter now)
It provides standard BrowserSource menu, e.g. I can activate "Add to
play queue" functionality by adding
def do_impl_can_add_to_queue(self):
return True
to my source.
Actually, I'd like to reuse "Add to playlist" functionality too (and
don't care about getting all user's lists etc)
I've found only one similar by name match in Soure:
gboolean (*impl_try_playlist) (RBSource *source)
but return True didn't give any benefits, so, it seems unrelated to my
Is it possible to reuse standard "Add to playlist" functionality
without using BrowserSourceView?

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