Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rework Rythmbox interface-layout

Am Donnerstag, den 20.05.2010, 09:31 -0700 schrieb Jim DeVore:
> Good day!
> I have some questions about the rythmbox interface.
> 1.  Is it possible for me to modify-rewrite the frontend? 
> It seems there is lots of blank/wasted space, and if I could rearrange
> the interface, I would be more likely to use rythmbox.

Install Glade (GTK UI Editor) and try to modify the .ui files in /usr/share/rhythmbox.
> 2.  Could the project offer a few interface options? 
> At current, the rythmbox frontend lags behind every other media player I
> know. However, it offer functionality no other player offers; ipod touch
> compatibility. If I could modify the frontend, I believe Rythmbox would
> be much more attractive to linux newbies who are used to the eye-candy
> of wmp or itunes.

I doubt some kind of "eye-candy" would be accepted by the devs.
Rhythmbox is definitely designed to the functional, user-friendly and
accessible, following the GNOME principles, rather than providing
useless eye-candy.

But you're right that there is some wasted space, especially if you have
a widescreen. In my opinion the seek bar and the label showing the
playing track could be integrated into the toolbar - optional, of
course, because RB should also work on smaller screens.

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