[Rhythmbox-devel] Is there a plug-in like "Send the currently played file via bluetooth"?

Hi folks,

I often find myself sending various tracks I like manually via USB or bluetooth to my mobile device.
I'd want to be able to send the currently played file directly to bluetooth-connected devices without any additional manual steps involved, but just a click on a "Hey, I like this! Want to listen all day long to it!"-Button. ;-)

I've looked for a plug-in or a core functionaliy in rhythmbox, but without any luck. If no such plug-in exists, I'd be willing to try contribute such a python plug-in. After all, the rhythmbox plug-in API for python seems pretty straightforward and it shouldn't be that hard to connect via PyBlueZ and send a file or the current selection of files to a device.

What's your opinion on that?

~ Philipp

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